A Perfect Lie: The Hole Truth - 18 Holes of Golf in Pursuit of the Round of a Lifetime is available now for e-readers and tablets in Mobi (Amazon Kindle) and E-pub (B&N Nook, Apple, most other e-readers) formats.

To download e-book from computer to e-reader following purchase, follow these steps:

Connect e-reader to computer with USB cable, Open e-reader device on computer, Find E-pub or Mobi file in your downloads or documents folder, Drag A Perfect Lie document into e-reader device on computer, Eject e-reader device and disconnect USB cable.   To download the free ibook reader from iTunes for the E-pub file, go to:


 No refunds after purchase of e-book except in case of technology failure, in which case contact info@7-ironpress.com. 

Paperback version NOW available.

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