A Perfect Lie - The Hole Truth: 18 Holes in Pursuit of the Round of a Lifetime

The first book by former golf radio reporter Tom Hill is now available as an e-book - click on the Buy Now tab to download.

WHAT CAN STOP "Tin Foil" Don Reynolds from having the round of his life, the score he didn't dream was possible?

  •     Swing thoughts that range from "I've chosen the wrong club" to "I think I'm gonna sneeze" during the middle of his backswing.
  •     Nerves he never knew he had that twitch uncontrollably during his putting stroke. 
  •      His companions in this round who are betting and competing against him and who fundamentally believe they are better than he is.
  •     His unreliable golf swing that has produced more rounds in the 90s than in the 70s during what he calls his career but everyone else calls his hobby.
  •      The golf course that isn’t trying to beat him, but always does anyway.
  •      The three-club desert winds that dip, swirl and blow, and the early summer sun that burns triple digit hot.
  •      His internal soundtrack that seems forever set on shuffle and plays through his mind with lyrics from songs ranging from “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” to  “You’re No Good” and “I Fall to Pieces.”

AND WHEN IT comes down to the final holes and delirium sets in, his brain thinks everything and nothing at the same time, and the dream he’s always wished for might or might not come true, he faces both potential triumph and crushing personal failure… and swings at the ball.


A Perfect Lie - Golf Book